Adam Howe

Adam Howe

Director - FLOW (Growth Partners)

Adam runs FLOW alongside his two business partners, Mike Courtney and Daniel Doe. After meeting at University the trio decided their ultimate goal was to carve their own route through life and business and not do things by the book.

Whilst studying Sport Marketing at University, Adam was fortunate enough to travel alongside his degree, visiting China multiple times, Russia, India, South Africa, and much of Europe for a mixture of degree-related and work experience opportunities. He also lived in the US for 5 months whilst completing an exchange programme studying Global Enterprise throughout his second year of study.

His experience that followed mainly focused on the sporting world, activating sponsorships for global brands such as Mastercard, Sony, AIG, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Mars, Doosan and more. This was every sports-lovers dream, allowing Adam to work across events including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Wimbledon, The Open, and Le Mans 24-Hour amongst others. After leaving London Adam moved to Hull City AFC within their Marketing team whilst in the Premier League and EFL Championship, which included launching and managing the charitable partnership with WWF and the mission to double wild tiger numbers. Adam then moved to Liverpool to lead the Commercial Marketing and International Growth division of Everton FC where he would spend 4 years growing the local and international fanbase of the club through a number of initiatives, alongside commercial revenue.

In 2021 during the covid pandemic the time came to take the leap into entrepreneurship and join his business partners at FLOW. Since that time Adam has thrived on the challenge and experience, he would never look back. He loves working directly with business owners who tend to be more adventurous and agile than corporate companies, which allows him and his team to make a greater impact as Growth Partners. FLOW are specialists in growing and scaling businesses using a hybrid of business strategy and marketing services.

Adam is a huge advocate of business ownership and taking measured risks to achieve your goals, and write your own story. He has also seen immense value from a number of influential mentors during his life, and always seeks to learn and absorb insights from their experiences. Adam regularly delivers guest lectures to his University as an Alumni, and aspires to become a valuable resource for others as a mentor through the years to come.

Adam is also an avid golfer, and enjoys mixing with work wherever possible including being a member of the FORE Business golf networking group.

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