Unleashing the Entrepreneur within - Pilot Programme

This exciting new programme is being piloted with 6 growth businesses who have already benefited from the FEO Step Change programme. Each business will identify a project they want to work on i.e. cost reduction, sales development, profit improvement, new product development etc Businesses need to be prepared to release an ‘entrepreneur within’ from their current duties and backfill their role if necessary, in order to enable them to deliver the benefits. This process does not work if people are trying to fit it into their ‘real day job.’

FEO has helped the businesses to select their entrepreneurs within using a profile based on what we have learned so far from the Entrepreneurial Potential Report. FEO reserves the right to review their selection of entrepreneur for this pilot project, if we don’t think they are the right fit.

FEO founder member David Hall will brief the entrepreneurs together as a group on the process, and provide them with toolkits where appropriate. The entrepreneurs will then meet at intervals to share successes and learnings.

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