Sell More, More Profitably, More Often

An exclusive opportunity for FEO members and/or their key sales people! This 2 day course will concentrate you and your team on improving efficiencies and being more sales focused. Presented by FEO member Rob Purfield, the course will include interactive sessions to examine how efficiently your sales function operates and will include; • Purpose • Processes • Presentations • Metrics • How to Create New Opportunities We will also examine the skill levels in your teams and share some key techniques to help develop an effective Sales Function.

Content – Day 1 What is your sales mentality? – Sales or Marketing? How does a Day 1 mentality help you focus? How do you formalise cross selling your products and services? Who is your Target Niche? Developing your USP Why Databases are Yesterday’s News – creating added value communications How to create an Elevator Pitch What is your Customer Proposition? Does your team understand how to present your company? Next Steps

Content – Day 2 Reviewing Day One Do you have a genuine USP? How will you communicate with your ‘Prospect community’? Checking your Elevator Pitch Understanding and Explaining your Niche Testing the skill set in your team Understanding Sales Activity Why Every Performance Indicator isn’t Key Writing your Sales Presentation Reviewing your Sales Performance (what works and what doesn’t) Next Steps

Who should attend; These sessions are designed for BUSINESS OWNERS who should attend with their SALES PEOPLE or at the very least their SALES MANAGER. If you are only planning to engage with one development project this year make sure it’s this one. Many companies can increase their Sales Performance by 30% and more by improving the efficiencies and being more SALES FOCUSED!

There is a nominal charge to attend this course and delegates are required to attend both days.

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