My 8 hard lessons in Business

Peter Aarosin came to the Humber as shipping trainee from his native Denmark to work for 6 months. He’s stayed 40 years and has been in involved in several companies mainly within logistics, ships, ports and lorries. Peter is looking forward to sharing his 8 hard lessons in business story, focusing on his most difficult times and how it worked out well for him - most of the time! 1. Don’t be put off by family and friends

  1. Don’t be scared business is fun – Just do it !

  2. Put down your marker be bold

  3. Take the log-term opportunity against the short term comfort

  4. Don’t get a chip on your shoulder – move on

  5. Believe in yourself – you can do it

  6. You are not the business and the business is not you – both must be strong separately

  7. Know when you can gamble against all odds – only you know when it feels right – go for it

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