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Stoking the entrepreneurial fire inside.. FEOIgnition. A priceless resource, and IT'S FREE!

Date: 07 March 2022

Author: David Lipton

I read a quote once that goes, “the best way to create the future, is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Things like that sit with me and dance around in the back of my head late at night. They frustrate the unfulfilled ambition within, almost teasing me for not doing more already. But where to start?

Another quote states that “The first step towards getting anywhere, is to decide you are not willing to stay where you are. “

And from these quotes (and countless more if I’m honest) I built up my courage and took that daunting first step out of the “known world” of employee, into the limitless and exciting universe of “the entrepreneur”.

I set up a company and bought a domain, designed a logo and a slogan and set about creating my brand and company identity…

THEN,I got a bunch of letters that I didn’t quite know what to do with, so I made some calls and found an accountant. THEN, I got some more, so I found a solicitor. In all honesty, the “THEN’s” kept coming. It was lonely, it was exciting…..but it was lonely. I’m not naive, I knew what I was getting into, and I knew what needed to be done, but I also knew I was not being smart about how I was doing it.

I am a social person, I enjoy company, I enjoy discussing my challenges and talking them through, I knew of FEO from my previous work in the City and knew it was time to reach out and engage with them and get on their Ignition programme.

The Ignition programme is a completely free resource run by a number of the city’s best and brightest entrepreneurs who are volunteering their time to offer you the tools and information to make your business more successful from day 1!

The course is well designed and takes you through a seven week ( one evening a week)processwhich covers a step by step roadmap of things to consider when setting up, and starting to grow a new business.

From company formation and what is right for your business, to brand identity, marketing strategies, accountancy, legal considerations and all things in between. It’s a true masterclass packed full with really valuably information, delivered by people who have walked the walk and understand where you are in your journey.

The course is packed with stories from various local entrepreneurs who come to tell you real stories of their own experiences that relate to the material they are teaching but more importantly relate to you and your company as well as your journey to come.

The course is attended by delegates JUST LIKE YOU! There are people who have already taken the plunge as well as people getting ready to commit to their dream and looking for more information on how to go about it. Some are building the confidence within themselves to believe it is possible.

The result is a community of people all wanting to make their dream a reality and the opportunity to talk about your successes, failures, fears and challenges along with anything else that you want to, safe in the knowledge you will be listened to and will get support.

At the end of the programme, you have not only benefited from a fantastic course with great content and the accumulated wisdom of countless business leaders at your disposal, you have also met some great people who will no doubt be there within a moment’s notice should you ever need them in the future; be it to bounce an idea off or collaborate with for an upcoming project.

At the very least you will have a newly lit fire within you and a more focussed passion and desire to succeed and make your dream a reality. Whether for you it’s, creating the future, or taking that first step to your somewhere, FEO Ignition gives you the tools and confidence to make your dream a reality.

FEO exists (and I quote) to “Actively provide the building blocks to those with ambitions to grow businesses. Helping them to ‘ let go to grow ’”…….. And did I mention this is all FREE!!?

So what are you waiting for?

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