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Step Change for Growth Programme underway

Date: 25 January 2017

Author: Jan Brumby

You get business culture either by design, which you usually want, or by default, which you almost certainly don’t want. The first can be an asset the second is normally a liability.

In the first of a series of FEO Growth Workshops, Paul Sewell presented how he has both developed maintained his business culture and, as a result, how it provides competitive advantage.

Paul also outlined how he uses performance agreements to directly link his people to the objectives and values of his business.

Powerful peer-led stuff for delegates to to take away and use in their business!

David Hall also shared some of the work he has done, helping businesses to find competitive advantage through their business’ culture. All delegates were given one of David’s step by step Toolkits to take away and use to implement a preferred culture in their businesses.

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