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Progressing our business with FEO 360

Date: 03 May 2019

Author: Alistair O' Sullivan

FEO 360 for me, is an absolute no brainer for emerging businesses looking to grow and progress to the next level. As a growing business, it’s been a real eye opener to how we can plan, scale, increase revenue and manage our time effectively. Across my time taking part in 360 we’ve implemented different strategies and systems into the business that have completely changed how we carry things out for the better!

Stepping out of your comfort zone

360 gives that real push and sense of motivation you need sometimes as a business owner to get out there and do things you’re not quite used to doing. It’s a great confidence builder in many different ways and enables you to strive for trying new things, whether it’s speaking in front of audiences, ‘picking up the phone’, or even things like different methods of team management.

Meeting people in the same boat

Running a business can be lonely and sometimes can be hard to figure out ways of dealing with certain situations or not being as ‘clued up’ on some aspects of your business that others might find a breeze. What I think one of the best parts of the programme is the fact that you’re taking part in it with a group of other business owners, all in a similar position to where you’re at. Bouncing ideas, knowledge and relevant topics with driven, likeminded local entrepreneurs keen to learn and evolve is a key factor to why I think FEO differs to a lot of organisations.

Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

As with all of the programmes, they’re accurate, relevant and most importantly created by other entrepreneurs, which I think is massively important. Knowing it’s been carefully put together and ran by some of the most successful business owners in the region, it gives so much value and relevance to the people taking part.

The passion for growing the Humber region

I’ve always been inspired by FEO’s values and the commitment all of its members put into it to growing and increasing the level of employment in the region and the success of the local economy.

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