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Calling all ambitious start ups!

Date: 23 August 2022

Author: Jan Brumby

FEOignition is designed by local entrepreneurs to help new business start ups fast track their way to success. The next FEOignition lifts off in Autumn 2022 and will run on Wednesday evenings for 7 weeks from 6pm to 8pm.

Starting a business can be a lonely daunting experience, so join a committed, positive group of like-minded entrepreneurs in a uniquely informal atmosphere. You will enjoy learning from each other, presenting your business ideas and spending quality time with those who have been there, done it and succeeded.

What makes the programme different?

The opportunity to learn from the real life experiences and mistakes of others.

Spending time with experienced entrepreneurs

Personal access to invaluable hints and tips from successful local business owners

The opportunity to meet real life role models and inspirational speakers

Access to FEO toolkits and FEOTV resources, created BY entrepreneurs FOR entrepreneurs

How much does it cost?

There is no financial cost, however we do ask that delegates make the most of the opportunity by committing to all 7 sessions and embracing positive actions in their businesses. We also hope that delegates will become an ambassador for FEO by inspiring others to take part.

What does FEOignition programme cover?

We have developed the programme to make sure that as a start up business owner, you can get off to the best possible start - with confidence and focus! The sessions will cover all of the following - and more!

Your big idea, target markets, USPs, getting your product message out, marketing, sales, negotiation, pricing , raising money, pitfalls, financial planning, presenting and pitching, confidence, negotiating, setting goals, resilience, futureproofing, inspirational real-life stories.

Please leave an expression of interest via the link below if you are interested in taking part

(Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we may need to run our 2021 ignition programme via digital/Zoom meetings)

What are past ignition delegates saying about the programme?

  • It’s good to know what you need to know about the first 30 seconds when introducing your business!
  • Enjoyed the speakers and the activities. Both really got me thinking and inspired me
  • Really does get you thinking about strengths and weaknesses
  • Inspiring to hear about the ups and downs of running a business – refreshing to hear about things that have not gone well, as well as successes
  • I belong here – thank you FEO!
  • Made me feel less unusual, which is a good thing!
  • It’s inspiring to know you can fail hard and still go on to do some great things
  • I feel inspired every week
  • Loved the constructive criticism that I received
  • Made me value to importance of staying positive at all times
  • Interesting stories – taken notes and key learning points to focus on
  • A very useful panel session, discussing things which I have probably neglected
  • Really enjoyed the opportunity to think about the Future rather than just business as usual
  • Gave me lots to think about that I hadn’t considered before
  • I found the group tasks the most useful as people gave me lots of great ideas
  • Excellent mix of inspiration and practical goal setting
  • I’ve learnt that you have to pick yourself up and be resilient after failure
  • Such a brilliant course and I can’t believe it’s free
  • Be prepared to pivot!
  • A great session for inspirational content and confidence building

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