Yasmin Clappison


The Beverley Barn

About eighteen months ago (being recently engaged) I began looking for a venue for a wedding event. I noticed a gap in the local market for a fun, innovative, quirky venue in which couples would have the freedom and flexibility to create their dream day. Having worked in the wedding and hospitality sector since school, and with a passion for providing a great, bespoke and responsive service, it became a mission to create and deliver unforgettable experiences for clients who are planning weddings, birthday parties and any type of special celebration. To turn their vision into a reality!

That’s how my partner Phil and myself came to renovate and develop a barn near Beverley as a wedding and event centre.

I am extremely motivated, computer literate and have well practised time management skills. I am always smartly dressed and have an enthusiasm for work and life in general. From past experience I have found that I work equally well as a part of a team and individually. I am also quite used to applying my own initiative throughout my work.

I relish the opportunity to develop my personal skills and professional knowledge further, and by being an FEO member FEO helps me to do this. Attending the FEO ignition course has inspired me to give something back to the local community by supporting new businesses. I have also recently applied for the FEO 360 Programme so I am still gaining skills whilst here to help others along the way.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch - info@forentrepreneursonly.co.uk

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