Kevin Marling


Delaney Marling Partnership

Kevin Marling is a Director and co-founder of Delaney Marling Partnership Ltd. Delaney Marling Partnership operates locally and nationally within the commercial property sector, and has done for the last 5 years.

Kevin started his working career as a YTS placement with an electrical retailer within the Estates Department of the company.

For over 30 years his experience working within property portfolios of retail and manufacturing companies as well as the local government has allowed the company to operate and provide a diverse range of services within the commercial sector.

The company started as a part time venture whilst Kevin and fellow director Simon Delaney were both employed with Smith & Nephew Medical Ltd. Working within the confines of holidays, evenings and weekends a decision was made to move the company to a full time operation, following their resignation in July 2010.

As Chartered surveyors the company has extensive knowledge within the commercial and residential property sectors and provides professional services. The company is actively involved with developing a RICS Local Association in order to promote and develop expertise within the profession.

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