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I am an inspirational, motivational and enthusiastic counsellor and educationalist with a passion to empower people to achieve their highest potential, whether that be through counselling, consultancy or my professional training services. My passion is to enable people to be: The Best Version of You!

I have faced the high and lows of business head on and I have learnt to ride the storm, don’t get me wrong it hasn’t been easy but as I always say, nothing worth having comes easy.

With over 20 years’ experience in the world of Education and Training from teaching to Managing Director, I fully understand the stresses and strains of running a business and managing the performance, quality aspects, budgets, staff, contract compliance, quality improvement plans, self-assessment reports and preparation for Ofsted. I now work nationally delivering Leadership and Management to a whole host of companies.

People are your most valuable asset and the wellbeing of your team should be your priority, as this will impact on your bottom line. People make a business and people buy people. Often business leaders are so driven by making their business work from a financial aspect they forget to take their best asset along with them on their journey to success.

I am a professionally trained and registered person-centred counsellor with over 20 years’ experience working with a wide variety of people. I started my counselling journey by studying post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the military, back in the 90s before PTSD became highlighted in the public domain. I currently work with private healthcare companies, employer assistance programmes (EAPs), Yorkshire and Humberside Police along with private clients.

I’ve also enjoyed my time as a youth worker, working with young people who needed my support to live a better life and make better choices. This encouraged me to become a tutor, assessor and an internal quality assurer and progressing in the world of education and training.

My journey was not a planned one, it just kind of happened and I became very interested in the personal growth and resilience of myself and others whether that is personally or professionally. I won Northern Power Woman 2017 and I am one of the co-founders of Women in Manufacturing and Engineering (Wime) in the Yorkshire and Humber region. I am ambitious and nothing will stop me from succeeding. I always remain positive even when things get really tough and more importantly I ensure I always have fun! Laughter is the best therapy!!!

Been a full-time working mum hasn’t been easy over the years but I can now enjoy the benefits as I have 3 children and by the time you read this I will have had my third grandchild!!! #lovinglife

My motto in life is to: Enthuse, Inspire and Motivate!!!

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch -

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