Zoe Taylor


Zoe Taylor Financial Planning

I decided to forge a career in an industry where women remain massively unrepresented - Female financial advisers are outnumbered by male counterparts six to one, and less than 5% of all advisers are aged under 30.

As a 28 year old women, I have always been keen to challenge the stereotypes and perceptions of financial advisers, and bring an element of compassion into financial planning.

In order to meet the required standard and gain the technical knowledge needed, I spent much of 2017 self studying on weekends and nights whilst my 3 year old daughter was in bed. By the October, I had passed the 6 complex exams required to gain my Diploma, all whilst working full time as a Paraplanner to gain relevant and compulsory industry experience.

Since then, I’ve undertaken additional training for vulnerable clients and to deal with emotive situations such as divorce or inheritances - as well as the wider management of investments and pensions, and - my personal favorite - undertaking inheritance tax planning & strategies to help leave more of my clients estates to their loved ones.

Alongside my day to day role helping private clients, I also offer complimentary seminars to businesses to educate their workforce on finance and retirement planning, helping companies with their duties around supporting staff to be better prepared for retirement and be generally better informed about their finances.

I am keen to help increase financial awareness and empowerment for future generations - promoting early planning, understanding risk vs reward, and being able to financially independent without relying on state provision which may not be sufficient or available.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch - info@forentrepreneursonly.co.uk

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