Gary Hainsworth


Retired - Premier Galvanizing Ltd

Early on in his business career Gary managed to get graduate employment at Rio Tinto a FTSE 100 mining conglomerate, here he gained lots of experience and was given high levels of responsibility and accountability from a young age. At the tender age of 26, Gary became General Manager in charge of 2 factories and soon progressed to running 5 factories all over the UK from London to Hull.

Always festering away in his mind was the dream of being his own boss. Gary was keen to have the freedom and take the risks that only running your own business can provide. So at age of 40 in 2000 he decided that the time was right to start out on his own and set up Premier Galvanising (links here to your company website)

Gary’s entrepreneurial journey faced an uphill start - to raise £1m to start the company! This he did and then set to work building the Hullfactory and business from scratch. Premier Galvanizing opened their doors in 2000, providing Galvanizing to clients throughout Yorkshire and the North of England, 2002 saw a second Premier Galvanizing factory in Corby open its doors to extend the geographic reach to the Midlands & South East of England.

As a Galvanizing company, Gary and his team pride themselves on providing the best possible service to its many and varied customers.Continual investment into the business, its processes and particularly its people, has been a pivotal part of growth and sustainable competitive advantage.

Gary says ”Put simply – we provide autonomy to our team of ambitious, future focussed and dedicated staff, this contributes significantlyto the success of our company. Putting the customer at the centre of everything we do helps us to strong successful and lasting relationships”.

Gary prides himself on the development of staff, trying to help them fulfil their potential by providing them with individual training & development opportunities.

Gary feels to be a world class organisation it is imperative that all members of the team reach and operate at their full potential.

Gary is competitive and likes to win. He has recently completed an MBA which he sees as a personal badge of honour whilst admitting that it has re-ignited the way he thinks about managing people and inclusivity. Outside of work, Gary enjoys Diving, Travelling and Rugby Union, and generally keeping physically and mentally fit.

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