Sarah Louise Davies



Sarah is a director, actor, speaker/presenter, practitioner and artist.

Sarah tailor designs, strategically develops and creatively delivers experiences, participatory events and immersive spaces where people discover, connect and play. Helping people, their work, lives and innovation continue to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Passionate about unlocking potential and connecting people, she independently partners with companies, organisations, leaders, cities and re generation projects, individuals, projects, campaigns, venues, businesses, spaces and venues helping them to develop, grow, generate, change to unlocking the best in people and their purpose. Catalysing, empowering & releasing creative potential and cultural health where it’s needed.

Her award winning cross disciplinary work specialises in engagement techniques, experiential learning, devising interventions, participatory mechanisms and the transformative power of play for thriving cultures and optimum performance.

Sarah works as an experienced facilitator, artistic leader and performance coach across public and private sectors, crossing industries and fields. Delivering sessions for different people, places and purposes. This sometimes looks like a series of tailored workshops or sessions, a creative intervention, a public live event, a talk, a process, an enrichment program, a theatrical commission, hosting a live event, a course, a more informal advisory or one to one.

Sarah is the founder and director of multi award winning company and pioneering creative community, ParkBench. Pioneering various innovative projects and enterprises for and with the city. Sarah has over 11 years of professional experience of directing inclusive live experiences, public arts events and cultural collaborations.

Sarah is actively passionate about and plays a part in Hull’s future regeneration projects. In 2017, she was invited to predict the future of the city and share her vision at Future Forum, steering the presentations that brought together UK’s leading industries, businesses, orgs, artists, digital pioneers, social commentators, policy makers and change makers to a day on the future of the North.

Recently Sarah has been presenting and helping shape a national business campaign promoting Hull as a hot spot for prospective businesses moving to the Humber as the face and voice of the UK’s most “Connected region” and has been approached by one of the leading startups in the UK. Sarah is an artist in residence in the Fruit Market.

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