Peter Jarrett

Technical Director,

P Squared Ltd.

Having met future business partner Liam Burke at University we identified an opportunity for a new generation of technology for use in UK Broadcast Radio. Following initial trials with several smaller Radio Groups in the UK we have now grown to become the largest UK producer of Broadcast Automation and Playout Systems.

We have customers as diverse as BBC World Service, Global Radio, Lincs Group (owners of KCFM) and small scale community stations such as WHCR. We also work with dozens of stations overseas including several National State Broadcasters in the Middle East and Africa. As well as radio, our flagship product can also be heard on non-traditional outlets such as Asda FM and McDonalds FM.

In 2005 we started expanding into the education sector and have rapidly become the de-facto standard for School Radio with over 350 schools having installed our turnkey Broadcast Studios manufactured from our offices in Hessle.

My expertise is in managing and running Software Development and IT companies. My key success has been directing a business through the difficult transition from small start-up to an industry leader that works with customers located in almost every time zone on the planet.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch -

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