Ciaran Sharpe


BACB Renewables Ltd

Ciaran co-founded BACB Renewables Ltd back in 2019, with the aim to reduce customers carbon footprint, energy costs and drive forward the green economy.

After graduating from the University of Chester with a BA Hons in Business and Psychology, Ciaran spent time working for University of Cambridge perfecting his craft in the world of Sales and Marketing. Since then, he has entered the world of Renewable energy where he found devotion to create a better world for the next generation. Ciaran has worked on a variety of clean energy projects including Solar PV, Heat Pumps and Batteries all with the goal of helping local communities to reduce carbon and change the way they view energy procurement and consumption.

He is an exceptional Sales and Marketing Professional, having worked not only in the UK but across Europe, and North America, focusing on business development, new sales, and training internal and external stakeholders.

Ciaran’s expertise in training and marketing, and his devotion to climate change allows us to propel the business into the future. He has a hunger to educate the world in how climate change will affect our lives, and has a strong desire to involve the younger population in making that change.

Ciaran is deeply passionate about making a change to the way society understands renewable energy, and aspires to help businesses and communities both local and around the world become sustainable for the future.

Ciaran and the BACB Renewables team can be found working from the Ergo building in Hessle where they are starting to form strong links with local business.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch -

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