Sue Altass


Inspireignite and Altass-Cheshire

The Inspiration for Inspire-ignite came from nearly 20 years working in the NHS developing Mental Health services. The motivation to translate her experience and knowledge into workshops and training for students/ teachers and parents came from a desire to reach out to help more people than she could do in person.

Inspire ignite now works with companies as well as education services in delivering training for excellent communication and an understanding of what the work market needs to support people in reaching their true potential.

Working with Hannah Cheshire both business’s Altass-Cheshire and Inspire ignite deal with Emotional Intelligence and how key it is in working with people.

Altass-Cheshire derived from being asked by a solicitor to complete mental health capacity assessments to support clients wishes, we provide mental capacity assessments in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and have a model of associates around the country that deliver assessments for Altass-Cheshire.

Sue’s journey started with an impromptu attendance at FEO’s Start up session and she has been a member since supporting the NxGen in Education.

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