Sue Altass


Inspireignite and Altass-Cheshire

Sue’s career started in the NHS as a Mental Health nurse over 20 yrs ago and has a background in dealing with a variety of people and challenges, including being an active manager of the largest Social Enterprise start up in the UK. Sue’s life-long passion is to inspire young people to reach their potential. In 2013 She left her full time position to start her own business. Within a year Inspireignite grew into a partnership with Hannah Cheshire (director).

Working with schools and colleges they design and deliver unique motivational/educational programmes incorporating mindful techniques, enabling students to develop a stable foundation to build a successful and purposeful career.

Altass-Cheshire was an offshoot of the training arm of Inspireignite that Hannah and Sue have set up and is now a separately run business. They provide Mental Health capacity Assessments on behalf of clients and work with Will writers, medical professionals, legal and financial professionals to provide safe, secure assessments.

Sue joined FEO after completing the FEO Bootcamp and is now a key member of the education team. She volunteers a great deal of her time and expertise to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in Hull and East Riding.

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