Peter Kenningham


Jewel Safety

My venture into the business world began in 2004 with the creation of Diamond Print.

The inspiration came from a friend who made a passing comment that he was unable to find a reliable, local supplier for his printed & embroidered workwear requirements.

Hence, Diamond Print was born promising great service and exceptional quality. Diamond Print remained true to these ethics throughout, and the business grew to become a dominant, quality, local supplier.

In 2009 when the recession hit, I learnt some exceptionally hard lessons! Diamond Print was in danger, and I had to increase my business knowledge and remain positive to keep the business alive.

Within 12 months, I managed to rebuild Diamond Print back into a profitable, thriving business.Then, in 2012 I sold it to a local office supplies company. I became the director of the workwear arm of the company and was therefore able to maintain strict control and oversee the department to ensure that the standards and quality didn’t suffer.

As part of my duties as a director, I took it upon myself to look after the health and safety for the whole group, obtaining various qualifications on the way. I soon realised that Health and Safety is often a full-time role in itself. I questioned how many other small businesses would have little or no health & safety arrangements in place, thus risking both the business and its employees.

Using my business experience in conjunction with my Health and Safety Knowledge, I founded Jewel Safety. A unique Health & Safety Consultancy business which appreciates & complies with the requirements of Health & Safety Law and the HSE, whilst working alongside small businesses in a practical manner to ensure these requirements are met.

My main specialisms are:


People Management

Systems & Processes


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