Jack Oxtoby

Managing Director,

Westwood Energy Ltd

Westwood Energy has held a position in the renewable energy sector since 2013, with Jack starting his first business at the age of 22. The fast paced nature of the industry, and its ever enhancing technologies, means the business has developed itself in to a fleet footed operator with the ability to constantly innovate its offering.

Westwood Energy’s predominant service has always been commercial Solar PV, but as the UK drives towards a carbon neutral position, the business is seeing increased demand for the incorporation of battery storage technologies and EV chargers alongside renewable generation. The company also works closely with all of the UKs DNOs, offering both LV and HV grid connection services, as well as providing a supported route to PPAs for all generators.

The business began life operating in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, but has since developed in to a nationwide installer, with contracts now being negotiated as far south as Devon and as far north as the Scottish Borders.

Having left school and gone straight in to the workplace himself, Jack is keen to support the many school leavers and apprentices who do not wish to pursue further education, but are instead looking to deploy their skills, youth and enthusiasm direct to industry.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch - info@forentrepreneursonly.co.uk

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