Frank Hart

Managing Director,

Hart Procurement Ltd

Frank started his career in Procurement, working for a local distribution business back in 1997.

Although Frank always worked in procurement, he also worked in many areas of this business including Managing the Warehouse, the Logistics and the Health and Safety. As the company grew in size and success, Frank relinquished the Warehouse and Logistics to concentrate on the Procurement and Commercial side of the business. Sourcing products from the UK, Europe and the Far East, Frank also helped the company to obtain its industry specific accreditation and became an accredited ISO internal auditor, allowing him to travel the far east auditing factories whilst looking for product innovation and negotiating new deals.

Frank moved on to a globally recognised manufacturing business where he managed to make efficiencies and save considerable costs. The next few moves Frank made were all within manufacturing and the story repeats, he enjoyed learning new businesses, helping to make efficiencies, and finding smart sourcing solutions. It was at this point he decided to start up his company to try and help as many local businesses as possible to do the same, save money!

Frank works by supporting local businesses as an independent Procurement specialist. His passion is getting away from the laptop and getting in front of the team, he brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to the workplace and engages well with all stakeholders.

Frank knows from experience that finding the time to review all the areas of a Supply Chain can be difficult and supports businesses and procurement teams by looking at the areas left unchecked due to time constraints or lack of specific knowledge.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch -

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