Elvis Hernandez-Perdomo


OSL Risk Management

Dr Elvis Hernandez is a co-founding partner/director of a software, training, and consulting business, specialising in the state-of-the-art of risk analysis and decision-making tools. He helps clients to analyse projects and make decisions so that they can identify, quantify, value, hedge, mitigate, and diversify risk, creating new business opportunities

Dr Elvis has over sixteen years of experience in risk management. Formerly a Central Banker’s Economist, founder and executive director of a Latin-America consulting firm, and Senior Executive Consultant/Trainer at Real Options Valuations Inc. He has participated in several international consulting projects in Latin America (i.e., Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Guatemala, Argentina, etc.), Portugal, Spain, U.S., and the UK, from large companies to SMEs.

He has a PhD in Finance and a PhD in Engineering Science, where his main research and academic interests are Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Decision Analysis, Corporate Finance, and Real Options. He is also a visiting professor in some international universities and Certified in Quantitative Risk (CQRM) by the IIPER (member of the prestigious Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business). Therefore, he has written relevant academic articles published in international peer-review journals in reliability systems, central banking, engineering, risk analysis, uncertainty, among other aspects.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch - info@forentrepreneursonly.co.uk

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