Andrew Fox


STC Maintenance Limited

At the age of 15 Andrew started his first business, coming away from school at 16 he wanted to have something tangible to work with and opted out of secular schooling and university’s as he felt their was more value in where he could take his business.

Andrew lives to his life motto “shy boy gets nowt”.

Seeing gaps in the market he has diversified into several different areas of enterprise, now 31 Andrew boasts a group of companies known as the ‘Fox Group’ which are nationally recognised by blue chip companies and household names alike.

Andrew’s companies work within the FM services and commercial maintenance + cleaning sector as well as a more recent joint venture launching a new software which in year 1 got national recognition, Andrew and fellow company directors have big global plans for this company during the foreseeable future.

At the age of 21 Andrew moved to Hull and got married to his wife Charlotte and have just celebrated their 10 year anniversary, Andrew is innately aware of shaping the future of Hull business so their are jobs for his 3 small children and their generation in years to come. He has taken risks several times in business to get where he is today as he believes in creating wealth to our local economy and as such his companies either directly employ or long term sub contract 64 of Hulls finest in his pledge to give back.

Andrew also is keen on supporting charities to ‘give back’, some of the Fox Groups most recent charity support have been to ‘breast cancer support’ and ‘kids for life’.

Andrew specialises in start up growth and managing staff and is happy communicating at all levels in business.

If you need any further help or information please do not hesitate to get in touch -

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