A VERTual Tale and how we’re influencing Cancer Care across the Globe

VERT is a product produced by Hull based company and FEO member Vertual Ltd.

VERTual evolved from a research collaboration between a Medical Physicist from the Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust and two Computer Scientists from the University of Hull. It’s training system based around computer simulation that allows Radiotherapy professionals to train in the virtual world, practicing techniques and procedures in a similar way that pilots do using flight simulators.

Vertual have installed systems in over 30 countries, changing the way radiotherapy professionals are trained and allowing access to high quality training for this cancer treatment modality. Radiotherapy itself is a developing field and VERT contributes to the saving of lives by ensuring Radiotherapy staff are properly trained in the use of new clinical technology. Better understanding of technology, via better training, translates into the professionals using the equipment more efficiently.

FEO member Prof Andy Beavis will talk about how Vertual Ltd was started and developed into a successful company, and remains committed to Hull. Andy has worked for the EY NHS Trust for 27 years and has been involved in developing new treatment techniques and ensuring local patients get state of the art treatment. He will talk about the development of radiotherapy, how some of this happened in Hull, and some of the exciting local current developments.

As VERTual’s Chief Scientific Officer and company Co-founder, Andy has recently been awarded an Innovation Gold Medal from the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM).

IPEM Gold Medals are awarded annually and awarded to established professionals who have made outstanding contributions in the area of physics and engineering applied to medicine and biology.

There will also be an opportunity for FEO members to have a short tour of the Queens Cancer centre and see some of the High-Tech treatment facility including the most recent developments and to meet and talk with some of the treatment team.

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