Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur Session 2: Unleash The Entrepreneur

Session 2: Unleashing the entrepreneur

David Hall: “Entrepreneurs are not just the people we are familiar with who are running businesses of their own. You will also find there are a small number of employees who you can identify as an entrepreneurs and, if we look after them and encourage them they will do great things within your company. We have been doing a lot of research and developed a toolkit that will give your entrepreneurial employees the freedom to grow your business.”

“I believe that an entrepreneur has maybe 15 years in them, it takes a lot of energy and during this time, they are at their peak and of massive benefit for a business.”

Paul Sewell: “Fifty percent of high wealth entrepreneurs (globally) have come from working for someone else, learning and taking their experiences with them to do it for themselves.”

“As business owner you need to let go to grow - give the job to someone who can do it better than you.”

“Entrepreneurs’ characteristics are innovative, consistent, options thinkers the will find ways to do it and will be a major asset to your company.”

Muhammad Yunus said: we were all entrepreneurs in the caves for self survival!”

Paul gives some excellent examples of entrepreneurs which have been unleashed with the Sewell Group - Jo Barnes and Tom Farrow.

Ben Holtby from Hugh Rice explains how they saved £7,000 per year just on til rolls amongst other costs savings that were creating a leak within the business.

You can download the toolkit to Unleash Your Entrepreneur here.

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