Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur? Session 1: Peer Pressure

Session 1: Peer Pressure.

A popular phrase from FEO is ‘to have all the right people on the bus’ - this means to have the right people in the right roles, doing their job to the best of their ability. But the question is, as business owners, who is it that motivates us, who has our back and who do we go to when times get tough?

As FEO members, the answer is; fellow FEO members.

On positive peer pressure Martin Lauer says - “I say this to my team and my children alike… you become the people that you hang around with, if you hang around with positive people with a positive mindset you will be the same.”

Martin took part in the first Step Change for Growth programme, set up by FEO founders and now facilitates it with other team members. He said: “Let go to grow - a very important message that comes out of Step Change for Growth.”

FEO like no other organisation says it as it is. Get a grip on your issues - this level of honesty is what FEO is all about.

Mark Eggleston - “There is always someone to ask for advice amongst other FEO members. If you want to make positive change in your business, there is someone who wants to help you.”

“Having done the FEO Step Change for Growth, the most important thing was to find people who I could rely on to help me run the business, you need to be able to take time to work on the business, not always in it.”

Rob Brocklesby - “I am fortunate to have a mentor through FEO, we talk about strategy, people, ability and when needed some tough love.”

David Kitney - “Driven by the fear of failure, pain drives me. My initial thought process is always; what could be the negative outcome of that? I was brought up by my grandparents who made me understand that it’s up to me to make something of myself. I live on the FEO mantras - i.e Just f****** do it (JFDI )and Eat The Frog - do the hardest job first.”

Christina Colmer-McHugh: “We all feel accountable to ourselves and the people we work with. When everything feels like its crumbling it is good to be able to fall back on other FEO members. When your business knocks you off-guard, you can either sink or swim. But I am able to have frank open and honest conversations with people I consider to be friends within FEO, we huddle together and support each other.”

Angela Oldroyd: “We all have a choice who we surround ourselves with, choosing positive people will help us all to be motivated. I know that through FEO, there is always someone who will support me and be willing to give advice.”

Kevin Wilkie: “When I was employed, the atmosphere in the business was usually negative, thinking outside the box wouldn’t be supported by people higher up the chain. Now that I have my own business, I empower my team to feel confidence with their own voice and ideas. This creates a positive attitude throughout and breeds success.”

We are all inspired by different things. Chris Whitelock says: “Quite frankly I would be half the person I am now if it wasn’t for the positive people in my life. Important characteristics of people I surround myself with are; visionary - ability to imagine the future, energetic - Duracell people, focused people know where they’re going, adventurous - Red Bull guys - the will to jump off a mountain in a wing suit! Courageous - leading a business can be very lonely, courage is vital but also the ability to be honest about nerves and fear. Finally, fun! AI aways have people around me with a really good sense of humour - always need some light relief.”

Alistair Needler: “I joined a sixth generation family business and had a privileged background and now I am inspired by FEO members who started their own business from scratch. People who leave jobs to be in control of their own destiny - those who take risks, financial and otherwise, these are the people I enjoy to watch.”

“Developing young people in my organisation - I’ve been fortunate to see our apprentices grow through the business. Some people stick in my mind, even the ones we’ve helped grow their career and left our business.”

“Young people with get up and go, a willingness to succeed, we are able to support them with qualifications and personal development.”

Relationships is a common theme throughout the Peer Pressure session. Mentors and mentoring other FEO members is a massive part of this organisation.

Chris Whitelock: “I don’t buy they phrase keeping you cards close to your chest, I believe the more open you are the more able you are to grow and develop.”

Jan Brumby: “The Peer Pressure team had never worked together before but I am sure that just by being part of this session for the Business Day 2019, some will now meet up for a pint in the pub! I can see relationships have been formed already.”

Jan also said: “One of FEO’s USPs is the ability to help someone who is brave enough to ask for help - via our mentoring scheme.”

The Peer Pressure Team is David Kitney, Kevin Wilkie, Alistair Needler, Chris Whitelock, Christina Colmer-McHugh, Jan Brumby and Angela Oldroyd.

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