Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur Breakout Session 3: Too Good to be True

Session 3: Too Good to be True

This session asks Is FEO too good to be true?

John Gilbert from Eskimo Soup interviews serial entrepreneur and FEO Board member, Jonathan Elvidge explains that FEE is a group of 180+ members supporting others, FOR FREE!

Why is FEO? The original founders got together as they wanted to help businesses in Hull to thrive, so that all businesses and the people involved would benefit. The region’s prosperity grows with it.

How is FEO? We do a variety of things. A series of programmes starting with education -

  • NxGen - our members go into schools to show that the entrepreneurial journey is available to them.
  • Ignition is for early stage and new start businesses, to help them over come the challenges of starting out.
  • 360 looks at the business from above, focusing on the vital elements of running an established business.
  • Step Change for Growth gives you the tools to enable others to come up through your business, giving you the opportunity to focus on what is important to you.

So, you pay to join FEO, to spend your time helping others? Yes! However, there is so much to gain from helping other people, the camerardarie, working as part of the FEO team. You get so much back from it, just by being part of it.

Jon adds: FEO delivers something really powerful in helping businesses to start, grow and thrive.

What would you say to somebody who describes FEO as elitist? We’ve been keen from the start to focus on business owners and avoid large corporates. Some people say they’re a business owner and not an entrepreneur. But in almost every case they are, they’ve taken risks, driven towards their dream/goals, made many sacrifices and experienced the highs and lows that go along with being an entrepreneur.

Liam Burke - in NxGen we’re trying to brainwash the youth! Actually, we’re trying to spark some interest in running a business and making your own path through life. Obviously we are looking for the next Bill Gates but we’re also wanting to inspire anyone who would take a job, working for someone else to simply be their own boss - we look for attitude and ideas. The day is FREE and we work with a variety of schools in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Lucy Francis is involving the creative students from Hull College in business to inspire creative people to become their own boss.

What would you say to anyone who thinks FEO is just another networking group? Yes it is. But, it’s not a room of people sharing business cards. We actually just support each other and get to know each other which naturally creates working relationships too.

We are looking for people to join the NxGen group and also schools and colleges to run our Masterclass events.

Why be an FEO member? Lloyd Atkin - FEO is not bound by rules.

Becky Diamond - FEO gives you energy to succeed.

Scott Pilgrim - FEO makes you look at your business and reflect on what is happening, good or bad. It also gives you the tools to do something about it!

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