When social media met COVID-19

When social media met Covid-19

During lockdown we were all presented with more time at home, a necessity to keep working and a desire to balance the demands of work and home life. With all of this came the added need to connect to others and keep up to date with the latest coronavirus developments - all whilst keeping ourselves entertained in an unnatural and highly stressful time in our lives.

Those who saw it as an opportunity to embrace social media, have not looked back!

Throughout these past few months, businesses have needed to connect with their customers in new and creative ways, when traditional communication methods have become more challenging.

Social media has offered us a place to share our experiences, challenges, and personal stories, to empathise with our audience and show that we’re all in this crisis together.

Those who have acknowledged Covid-19 rather than ignoring it are the ones who have shown a genuine understanding for others, highlighting their brand values and philosophy in a positive way. Others have disregarded the crisis and pushed their sales messages down our throats – something an audience does not easily forget!

When you’re not on site or in the office, you need to get creative and innovate and many of my clients have tried new ways of working - utilising video for the first time or re-establishing connections with old contacts, using social media as their tool of choice.

Others have jumped on lockdown trends, successfully re-marketing their products for the new ‘Lockdown’ markets. There have been many that have missed an opportunity to get in front of a captive audience to remind or introduce them to their brand, as they have cut marketing budgets and focused priorities elsewhere as the situation unfolded.

As more and more companies have moved over to home office environments, social media platforms such as Facebook are seeing their activity increase with a peak time of 8pm every day of the week (Socialbakers)

I noticed a massive surge in Linkedin use during April and May, as people moved to it for work purposes and began to re-engage with old contacts or to share knowledge, business updates, advice and recommendations to those who were struggling at an unprecedented time.

If you or your business are having trouble getting to grips with social media, then now is the time to log back in, sign up, update, plan and start using your social networks to reach out to others. Why not spend some time getting your personal profile up to date, look at what you’ve done before and improve on it or prepare a content calendar and make a plan of topics, themes and ideas to create some new and exciting content.

And remember quality over quantity!

I recommend focusing on a good balance of content such as expert blogs, news, branded posts, videos, offers, team intros, reviews etc which will give your business a well-rounded online personality and showcase your skills, expertise and USP’s to potential customers.

Remember you need to grow and keep your audience engaged – there are no quick wins with social media and it takes time and perseverance to get the rewards you want.

Brands that continue to communicate during this Covid-19 crisis will be the first choice for businesses when all of this is over. Customers want clarity and reassurance right now and are carefully choosing the companies they can trust, going forward.

Hopefully this pandemic won’t be with us forever and the shift towards social media is only gaining momentum, so don’t get left behind – social media is ‘social’ and don’t be afraid to show the real YOU – it’s what makes you and your business successful!

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