Session 3: Expect The Unexpected

James Ash hosted an energetic session where FEO members bared their souls and their experiences, bringing the real world into business with a twist with only 30 seconds to speak on the following hashtags.


  • your staff are your best assets
  • always check your recruits’ references - they may not be who or what they say they are

#sleeplessnights - when you’re woken up at 4am, write down what is keeping you awake

  • Not a bad thing - if you’ve got a big enough idea that keeps you awake, do something about it!
  • It takes balls to set up on your own, putting money on the line does give you sleepless nights but you’ve just got to bear with it
  • Eat those frogs


  • If you don’t believe you’re the best, just pretend you are
  • Just say yes even if you don’t know you can do it
  • Act as if you’re the person you want to be
  • Just F****ng Do It JFDI
  • Fake it til you make it


  • Bank managers love you until they lend you some money and then they don’t like you at all!
  • Get a long-term loan instead of an overdraft
  • Get to know your bank manager and keep talking to him/her
  • Tell the bank what they need to know!
  • Don’t always do what the bank manager says - listen to your heart
  • Would you give your bank manager a job in your business?

#RecessionDepression or #AliveandKicking

  • Go with your gut and make the changes
  • Adapt to thrive
  • A recession can be a great time to start a business
  • Don’t be afraid to increase your prices


  • Read books about successful people, they tell you how to do it
  • The moment when you find out your staff can do the job better than you
  • Let go to grow
  • Becoming a member of FEO
  • An idea to deliver a residual income


  • Fake it til you make it - just be sincere
  • Don’t do it - you’ve got a job for life, don’t leave it!
  • Reduce your price (very bad advice)


  • Not taking any risk in life or business is a risk in itself
  • You can make yourself unemployable by becoming self-employed
  • Don’t put it off
  • Everything we do is a risk
  • Putting your house on the line

#ClaimtoFame or #MadeItMoment

  • Demonstrating digital artwork to Prince Philip who had no idea what it was!
  • Invite to the 50th Anniversary party at The Playboy Mansion
  • Serving Gloria Estefan in a US restaurant in peddle pushers
  • I’ve got the biggest balls in the room! (Sally Wray overheard someone say that about her)


  • To be successful you have to be a bit of a chameleon
  • Adapt to survive - the landscape is always changing

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