Passion for business & a determination to succeed - Ignition Spring 2019

Last night was the penultimate of the Spring 2019 FEOignition. For a newcomer to FEO it has been very interesting and rewarding to have taken part alongside other FEO members as a facilitator over the last 6 weeks, helping 37 start-up entrepreneurs.

All delegates have shared the same basis denominator with the FEO members present; passion for business, determination to try to succeed and openness for new ideas.

The sessions have given the new businesses some very important lessons but most importantly in the first session to hear start-up stories from past FEOignition delegates laid the foundation for an interesting six Wednesday evenings that followed. To see and hear how the speakers managed to go from FEOignition delegates to be running successful businesses as FEO members was a very powerful start to the event confirming the value of the program.

The sector variation has been wide from traditional trades, health foods, IT systems, cake makers to humanistic funerals. It has been fascinating to learn about all the different sectors. I believe that age is of little importance in business but I must have to admit that due to my age I have been educated by some of the Ignition delegates especially in areas green; I now drink my coffee in a bamboo made 100 % biodegradable coffee cup.

Looking forward to see how the 37 delegates businesses will take shape in the future following the last program on the 2019 Spring FEOignition next Wednesday.

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