One lump or two?

A virtual tea party was the undoubted highlight so far of our lockdown as we used Zoom to bring together members of our team, but there was rather more to it than “one lump or two?”

We didn’t really talk that much about work, but we did seize the opportunity to keep in touch with our people and to look for any tell-tale signs to indicate how they are coping.

We know from experience how difficult things can be when people are working remotely. Some of our people are used to it, travelling around the globe and often relying on comms infrastructure from another world and another age!

Others are usually office based, and when circumstances prevent the usual daily contact it becomes even more important that you take time out to communicate with them a little bit more often than you would normally.

We are facing a moment in everybody’s lives where we will all feel some form of disorientation, and people will handle it differently.

In this time of crisis, we know a lot of people will be stepping up to take on new and challenging leadership and management roles. We know how lonely those roles can be, and we know what it is like to make difficult decisions. We are all trying to cope with something we don’t understand. You want to be in touch with your people.

This is one of the themes of the series of webinars which we’re running, and the fact that it’s been the main angle for questions is comforting. It tells us that, with all the upheaval, uncertainty and fear arising in the current climate, businesses are putting their people first.

Our key messages are about keeping things simple, ensuring communication is effective and delivered in bite-size chunks, and maintaining an ethical approach to your decision-making.

But most important of all is to recognise that this is an emotional time, and to focus on your people and your own self-care. Remember what the flight attendants say about making sure your own mask is on properly before you try to help others.

If you want to know more just drop us a note to We’re not selling anything but we can send you a link to some free advice which is practical and presented in a short and sweet format. #StaySafe

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