My FEO360 & 360+ Journey...

After completing the FEOignition programme in Autumn 2016, I immediately applied for the FEO360. I was successfully chosen to attend the FEO360 course early 2017. Initially applying for my new business venture Healthcare Connection, the course highlighted the potential growth in my existing healthcare business.

Following the FEO360 course five delegates were chosen to take their business up another level, the 360+ is three intense interactive half session days focusing on creating a 3 year business growth chart.

The 3 year growth chart helps you see where your business is now and how to get it to a desired level in the 3 years. Focusing on each section of the chart year by year and adapting strategies, as what works now may not work over different stages of your business development.

For my business growth it was evident from the chart that I had no marketing plan in place, we are now implementing a plan to identify and target new clients.

For the chart to tell your business story each section must interact to maximise the growth and reach your 3 year goal.

I feel the course has not only enhanced my business but has also helped me develop on a personal level and pushed me out of my comfort zone!

I wish to thank everyone involved in the FEO for not only their valuable time but also for creating an invaluable course!

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