Keeping Your Team Together During COVID-19

Just because it’s anxious times for you and your business at the moment, it doesn’t mean that it is not just as bad for your people.

Just as you are worrying about paying the bills, so are they. Whilst most companies are utilising furlough to take some of the cash flow strains off their businesses in the short term, which is smart, that doesn’t mean you can forget these people or abdicate your responsibility for them at this critical time.

Below are my 3 golden rules on how to keep a team together and motivated during this stressful time for everyone.

  • Over-communicate: Make sure you communicate regularly (aim for daily) and ensure that you do this with honesty. By speaking regularly you are helping your people remain part of the team whilst giving them vital updates as things unfold. It has never been easier to do this – so no excuses! You can do this via email, What’s App, Video (Teams, Zoom etc) and more. And let’s be honest we are all social creatures and like nothing more than to see our colleagues faces. These tools are free or low cost – just make the effort, it is your job as a leader to do this
  • Don’t forget to celebrate:Celebrate anything positive that is working or happening during COVID-19 – this could be a special birthday or an unexpected sale that has happened. It is more important than ever as everything seems like doom and gloom and self-isolation right now, so celebrate the small things and achievements. TIP:Let this become a habit post-COVID-19 behaviour too
  • Set a game plan: People more than ever want to know what YOUR plan is post-COVID-19. They want to know what they are coming back to and to be reassured by YOU, as their leader, that you have a plan. So draw one up, share it and ask for feedback too.

I have always found that by being very open and honest with my people that it helps them handle any situation – and we all know that there is nothing worse than being kept in the dark!

Keep well, Keep Safe, Stay Positive.



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