Just do it!

Almost 5 years ago, as I was nearing completion to buying a business in an industry, I knew very little about and I did the best thing I could have; I discovered FEO!

I was extremely daunted by the enormity of what I had done. I had begged and borrowed to raise enough money to buy a small tool hire business in Hull. The first question people ask me is “why tool hire?” The only reasonable explanation I can offer is that I quite fancied it. I thought it would be something different and a totally new challenge and I wasn’t wrong! What a humongous challenge it has been.

I did what most people would do and sought advice from friends in business and got a lawyer, but as the completion date drew nearer, it dawned on me, I had no idea how to run a business! So I googled ‘help and support for businesses in Hull’ and that’s when I came across FEO and luckily for me, I was just in time to join their Autumn Ignition course.

Embarking on the course, not only opened my eyes to the possibilities in the potential of what lay before me, but it also opened my eyes to potential pitfalls. It gave me confidence to ask questions, to put myself forward, to find solutions to the barriers I faced. The entrepreneurs who shared their stories including their mistakes too, provided me and my fellow start-ups guidance on how to negotiate, how to manage risk, how to manage on very limited finances, how to sell and so on. And when I made my own mistakes, which is what being human is all about, there was someone there to help.

I firmly believe, that had I not have discovered FEO at that point, my business would have developed at a much slower pace, if even at all. So if you’re thinking of starting up, or have already done it, I would strongly recommend applying for their ignition course. It is totally free and totally amazing!

Just do it!

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