Session 1: Is blood thicker than Water?

Is blood thicker than Water? Find out at this year’s Business Day on 8th June at 9am by joining me and some of my fellow FEO members as we celebrate the joys (and pains) of running a family Business.

1. FAMILY – right person right job, wrong person no job

2. LEADERSHIP – there must be either a boss or VERY clear roles

3. VISION – one with mutual family benefit - shared by all

4. CRITICAL FRIEND – A person respected by all the family can be hugely beneficial in finding compromises or getting the right decision made

5. DECISION MAKING – Sound business principles must always apply

6. EMOTION – Recognise it can be unhelpful and try to keep it out of business

7. MUTUAL RESPECT – maintain it family wide

8. HONESTY – Speak openly, don’t bottle up feelings

9. NON-FAMILY – Your people are your most valuable asset, so don’t p*ss them off

10. SUCCESSION – must be planned, controlled and EARNED

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