Want to grow your business? Try Step Change for growth!

Do your business a favour! Make Step Change your New Year Resolution


In 2013 I decided to apply for the first ever FEO Step Change For Growth programme as I was becoming frustrated that my business wasn’t growing as fast as I felt it should be, and I couldn’t understand why? My business had a good profile, loyal customers and staff and a good offering – so why was growth slower than my expectations? Being an active member of FEO I thought I would take the opportunity to enrol onto Step Change, which is a peer-led course. Now 5 years later, we have experienced a financial growth of 45% year on year and increased our staff headcount by 21 FTE’s. Step Change For Growth taught me that how I was feeling was normal - and that by implementing the advice and lessons from the workshops, I could put rocket fuel into the direction, culture and sales performance of the business. Since taking part in Step Change, I have been ‘paying it forward’ by delivering the course to entrepreneurs just like me – who want to grow – who want to employ more people – who want to make a difference to the local economy – who want the support network and confidence to take ‘the Step’. If that sounds like you, and you have a team that can help you get there, then I strongly recommend that you join the Step Change For Growth 2019 programme. What is there to lose? It is FREE!

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