Getting out of your comfort zone with FEO360

The FEO 360 programme helped a group of positive, eager small business owners learn how to grow their businesses by providing them with the confidence, skills, toolkits and real world business experience.

The course had a big impact on me and my business. Every session had homework to apply what we had learnt during the meeting into our own businesses. Presentations the following week ensured the group held us to account for making real changes to the way we work. I found that over the weeks, my confidence grew, both talking about my business and my confidence in the business plan to grow. During FEO360, I reorganised the way we work and delegated more to free up my time to work on growing the business using the techniques we discussed during the meetings. As an individual, it took me out of my comfort zone and improved my personal development.

I’m extremely grateful for the time dedicated by FEO and for giving their valuable time and passionate business experience to help a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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