FEOignition Spring 2016 a huge success

We have recently completed our latest 6-week Spring FEOignition Programme which was a huge success! Throughout the series, more than 20 FEO Members and Key Partners joined the 35 chosen delegates in a series of workshops designed to help new business startups.

This programme saw a wide range of products and services from Gelato to pet parks, upcycling, baby photography, and much more…

The sessions were carefully arranged to include a mix of inspirational talks, including one from Mike Rice of The Hugh Rice Group, David Hall, Sarah Longthorne of Wedge Welly and Paul Sewell of The Sewell Group as well as inspiration and words of encouragement from those that have previously been through the programme and who are now on their way to becoming very successful businesses.

Week 5’s ‘Money Matters’ was an especially helpful session - an interactive activity raising critical questions on a wide range of financial topics, featuring a panel of experts from Key Partners Gosschalks, Smailes Goldie, Lloyds Bank and KCOM.

FEO member Jonathan Elvidge, previous owner of the Gadget Shop and RED5, gave a truly inspirational talk whilst hosting the “Whats the big idea?” session:

Jonathan said “It was fantastic to see such a well attended and enthusiastic group. There can be no doubt businesses that might have otherwise stalled or failed will now develop and prosper as a direct result of this programme. There can be no better reason to be involved, and for anyone starting up, I can’t think of a better source of information, inspiration, and support.”

Here is some of the feedback from the Spring delegates;

“It was a chance to affirm that I was on the right track, or that the tracks only needed to be diverted a little bit, or for some things that a new route was needed.”

“We hope that these great relationships we have formed over the past few weeks will continue long into the future.”

“I cannot recommend the FEO team enough, especially for start ups and relatively new businesses. I now have a far better idea of what I’m doing and have already come up with new ideas of my own.”

“FEO also gave me the motivation to keep going with a whole new outlook.”

“I have just completed the May 2016 FEOignition programme. Prior to that my “new” business was going badly wrong, it was failing. I’d decided to start a second business, hopefully before total disaster struck! I blamed the business for failing, it was too much of a niche market, no one was interested etc etc. Within two FEO sessions I realised a truth - it was ME that failed, NOT the business.”

If you would like to join us on our next Autumn Programme or know someone who could benefit from it please apply below.


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