FEOignition: My Preconception and Experience

I first heard about FEOignition as a recommendation from a friend who enrolled on this programme last year and who was then in a similar situation to mine now. I have recently gone full time as a commercial & wedding photographer and although I am happy with the progression of my business, I still want to take it to the next step with a larger client base and also trying to establish my niche.

After being given fantastic feedback, I had to apply and I was accepted onto the course, which believe it or not is free to attend!

As excited as I was to start, I was slightly anxious as I was concerned that my business would not fit in the group. My preconception is that all the other delegates would have well established businesses, which is not the level I am at yet.

After 10 minutes into my first session, I knew this was not the case as the group was a fantastic mix of businesses and individuals who are either just starting out, looking to the take the next step or just simply have an idea. The group created an incredible atmosphere as everybody was there to succeed and also to offer help to each other. Being in that environment creates so many light bulb moments and helps you set very clear and ambitious goals. The FEO members themselves were incredibly inspiring, passing on their own experiences and stories and offering constructive feedback.

As I said, my goals for the full 7 week programme were to find my niche and to build my client base but just after session 1, I was able to make huge strides towards both of these goals.

I cannot recommend this programme highly enough, no matter what situation you are in with your business. The motivation and knowledge I gained right from the very first week is something that I am very grateful for.

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