FEO360+ challenges small business owners

After the success of FEO360 we felt we had given people some practical tools to improve their Entrepreneurial skills. However there were some few who embraced the process fully and were hungry for more.

As a team we sat down and decided what was missing was a tool for developing and implementing strategy in a way that would engage the mind of an entrepreneur. Linear business plans and strategy documents hadn’t worked for me, or others in the 360 team previously. To this end we wanted to develop something fluid and visual to connect the dots for growing businesses.

The result was FEO360 + and in three sessions we have empowered Entrepreneurs by not just helping them develop a strategy but giving them unique tools they can use again and again to bring that strategy to life and empower their team to deliver it. We selected the delegates from FEO360 based on their drive and ambition to grow and succeed in their chosen field and we hope they will use the tools we have offered for years to come.

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