FEO presents Gurus V Grasshoppers

Following our recent Bizweek events including “100 Ways to BOOST your Business”, “Superhero Battle Royale” and “FEO’S Fantastic Failures” , we were pleased to host another unique FEO event delivered by local Entrepreneurs.

This year, we are pitted some of our most accomplished Business owners (Gurus) against our rising entrepreneurial stars (Grasshoppers) to see what they could learn from each other about running a successful business in a rapidly changing digital age.

Is cloud technology and social media making our lives easier, or did filing cabinets and fax machines make better use of our time and money?

Our team of Gurus was, left to right, Malcolm Scott, Joyce Clappison, Jonathan Leafe and David Hall.

Taking on the Gurus were our Grasshopper team. Left to right they are Helen Wheeler-Osman, Phil Benson, Andy Crozier and Allan Rice.

Here are just some of the topics that we covered during the 4 themed rounds, where the audience were asked to vote for the most compelling case:

  • Communication
  • Developing Business Relationships
  • Delighting Customers
  • Employing People
  • Raising Finance
  • Time Management

The audience voted 2 rounds to the Gurus and 2 to the Grasshoppers, resulting in a tie.

Held at Hull’s Vineyard Centre, Gurus V Grasshoppers proved to be inspiring and thought provoking and provided a great opportunity to learn from some of the Hull & The East Riding’s most successful entrepreneurs as well as those who are working hard building their businesses locally.

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