FEO Go... visit The One Point & IT @Spectrum!

FEO Go held a recent evening of entrepreneurial inspiration courtesy of The One Point and IT @ Spectrum’s pristine and very impressive new offices at Bridgehead Business Park.

Ken Sturdy & Martin Lauer gave us a rundown of their backgrounds and how they got started in their respective businesses, what they’ve learned along the way and what the future holds for them.

It’s always fascinating to hear successful people’s stories and I found both Ken & Martin’s biographies absorbing.

Both stories contained, humour, self deprecation, inspiration and some brilliant tips. Unique insight and the types of lessons that can’t be gained from books. It’s what makes FEO such a brilliant organisation to be involved with as all the members are so willing to help others with honesty, openness, and “down to earthness” that seems so rare these days.

Ken started off working for Spectrum as a teenager and has risen through to become CEO. Though even before he got his first job he was adept at spotting business opportunities. He was successful in funding his scout group by setting up a mobile DJ service which went on to serve many other local community groups to help raise further funds for his scout group.

I personally loved Ken’s tip:

“Employ people with expensive hobbies - That way they’ll be motivated to work hard and earn money”

For Martin it was a different approach as he created The One Point himself after working for others in his early career., His background in sales and his experience working at a small and rapidly growing business was the catalyst for his success when he first started out on his own. He had a very successful first year in business, yet wasn’t content to rest on his laurels and has continued to grow his business every year.

They didn’t make out everything was always perfect and both revealed times and situations when they’d had problems and struggles - again shared with honesty and humility that was appreciated by all.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they then gave us a tour of their building, provided a spread of food and beer, and were truly hospitable.

Thank you Ken, Martin & FEO!

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