Calling all small business owners!

Run over 6 fortnightly sessions, the programme is peer-led, and designed to enhance personal skills and attitudes as well as overall business performance.

The course is FREE and provides an excellent opportunity to be in a group of like-minded Small Business owners, with each session lasting half a day.

FEO360 is based around invaluable insights, experience and tips from leading local business people, all presented in a refreshingly unique way, with topics such as time management and employing the right people covered in sessions including ‘How to Become a Time Lord’, ‘Better than Brent’ and ‘This time next year Rodders’.

How does it work?

FEO members present the 360 course using their skills and real-life experiences to help you focus on entrepreneurial energy, mindset, persistence, focus and staying. in the zone. We also involve our Key Partners who have critical knowledge of developing structure and processes within a business. Each session is themed, with business topics being addressed in a refreshingly different way.

What does FEO360 programme cover?

  • How to become a Time Lord - Managing and freeing up your time effectively
  • This time next year Rodders - Getting your finances in shape to avoid running out of cash
  • Better than Brent - Employing, Managing and getting the best out of people
  • Computer says YES - Developing relationships with Banks, Funders and Stakeholders
  • The Pursuit of…. Selling!
  • The DNA of an Entrepreneur Mindset - focus - inspiration and more!

For more information and to apply for this excellent opportunity apply via the link below.…

The closing date for applications is end of October 2018.

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