Crack On! Part 3 One Thing

With five successful entrepreneurs sharing the Zoom screen, plus probing questions from Jan Brumby, myself and some of the audience of around 40 FEO members, there was no shortage of tips on how to bounce back from lockdown and on general best practice.

But we wanted to pin down our panellists and identify the one thing that they felt made the biggest difference.

Ian White of White’s Travel and Squash Travel had kicked things off with real impact when he told of his strategy in dealing with the aftermath of 9/11 and the ash cloud, and he stuck to that theme as he advised people to understand that opportunity still exists.

He said: “The world may have shut down but don’t let your imagination shut down.”

David Hall of Beverley Park Homes said the secret of his productivity in setting up a new business and laying the foundations for a third project was to “really get cracking on and make things happen”.

He flagged up the importance of making lists, taking care of little bits at a time such as setting up the website and the bank account. And above all: “Don’t listen to the BBC. Turn the news off!

Lloyd Atkin of BioD placed the greatest value on being positive and ensuring that extends throughout your team.

He said: “As leader and owner of the business what your team wants is to see you being positive and seeing a way through it. Giving them the support they need to do their jobs.”

Martin Shaw of D3 Office Group also looked to his team and was in tune with our thinking about exploring your organisation to find the entrepreneur within.

He said: “We have a great team of people but one lesson is we have discovered who the brilliant people are.”

Sally Wray of GoHire told us about the risk register which she compiles in January every year and which ranks the risk of fire, flood, sickness, accident, even death. It covers every eventuality – almost.

Sally said: “I never had global pandemic on the list! But I felt I was capable and equipped to plan. It gave me confidence. It’s a really useful exercise to do at the beginning of the year.”

Crack On, part of a series of FEO Growth events, was a remarkable and rewarding experience which saw entrepreneurs at all stages of their development sharing their real-life stories to help others. We must do it again sometime.


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