Crack On! Part 2 Staying sane

It may seem a bit late to be asking the question now as we find ourselves in another, albeit less severe lockdown, but how do you keep hold of your sanity when faced with such disruption to your personal and professional routine?

I wrote a book, but different people have different techniques, and much may depend on the nature of their work.

Some find it helps to throw themselves into a new project – it’s still work, but it help you focus on positives and potential and that can bring a welcome relief from the day-to-day.

Some thrive by making the most of isolation to increase their own productivity, and others had to get away from the workplace altogether. Our five panellists in Crack On presented examples of all these approaches.

Ian White of White’s Travel and Squash Travel, emphasised the importance of maintaining a healthy interest outside work. The fact that one of his positive distractions involves setting up a squash training facility overseas shows you can also find things within work to help you clear your head.

David Hall of Beverley Park Homes savoured the peace and quiet of isolation, as did Lloyd Atkin of BioD.

David told us how he closed down for 10 weeks, sent everybody home on full pay and then worked on the factory himself “and made it look like British Aerospace for coming back to work”.

Lloyd discovered the joy of having the office to himself and being able to escape the distractions of colleagues and home life as he focused on getting the business back on track.

Sally Wray at GoHire shared her strategy of keeping a strict diary because she finds that without it, “plates start dropping”. She plans in time for work, time for kids, time for family and friends. Most important of all, she makes appointments with herself for yoga, running and walking the dog.

Dog-walking was a welcome distraction for Martin Shaw of D3 Office Group, along with going for bike rides – and playing squash with Ian White!

In part three we’ll look at the suggestions from the panel for the one thing they took from lockdown which will help them in the future.

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