COVID-19 If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

As we all await with ‘bated breath’ further instructions from the government with regards to the next stage to dealing with the Corvid 19 Pandemic – the word ‘bated’ has never been so relevant!The literal meaning of ‘bated’ is that you are so eager, anxious, excited, or frightened that you’re almost holding your breath, and for me, all those descriptive words apply when trying to plan in my business presently.

Forecasting business performance, particularly sales figures in more ‘normal’ times can be challenging, but you can formulate a plan based on historical data, on your capacity, on the internal and external environment and on your own and your team’s drive and focus.Would it be fair to say these markers are difficult to draw upon right now, because nobody knows what is happening?

However, IT IS POSSIBLE, you just need to have faith, passion and resilience, after all you are an entrepreneur, if you don’t believe in your business in the future then why should your clients and suppliers?

I always reflect on my own target setting, whether it relates to work or exercise, and strangely wherever I set my target I tend to achieve it, or at least very near, or better still I surpass it. Of course, this always begs the question, that if I had set a higher target in the first place then could I achieve more?Is this time different, we can still plan, can’t we?

However, please remember to be realistic in your strategy moving forward, but not pessimistic, after all, we are in the middle of the biggest crisis of our lifetimes both professionally and personally, so ‘to be real’ is fair and indeed crucial.If you cannot see any sales coming into your business for the short term, then face it!Difficult as it may be, be honest with yourself, know what the problem is and then you can explore the ways of solving it.

Create options with your plan, have scenarios to work to, e.g. in this situation, I must to do this, in that situation I need to do something different. Work on not only a plan A, but a plan B or C or however many plans you need to bring into play when they are needed.It is empowering to know where to go next, it might not be your chosen path, but given you have tried plan A and B, then C may be the path that helps you survive.It might not be the most comfortable path, but it will allow a future for your business, and it will hopefully only be for the short term.

It will eventually allow you to get back to planning when you have more choices for future, rather than a one that you are presently being forced into, short term pain for a long term gain – that is my plan anyway!

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